We cannot break away from our past, it chases us hopelessly.
It is full of teaching, of moments, of memory. Sometimes, our past too can be a future full of ideas.Paola e Filippo

We grew up in a tailor shop, between fabrics and scissors, needle and thread, and fate has brought us back here to achieve our dream : Walk The Line.

We believe in the importance of distinction, which is timeless elegance, simplicity and determination to follow your journey.
We believe that dressing up is a matter of personality, beyond rules, showing the resolution to bravely chase one’s dreams every single day.

We draw our inspiration from a retro style, synonym of return to the origins of quality and craftsmanship of the great Italian tradition.

Each piece of clothing conceals a detail that bears witness of it’s artisan uniqueness.
We are proudly Italian and here is where we select our yarns and the expert hands who process them. So if anything tickles our creativity, we are free to produce it, without following seasons or collections dictated by rules and conventions.

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