Clothing is altogether a science, an art, a habit and a feeling.Honoré De Balzac

In a world dominated by fashion and homologation, it is really easy to loose your identity.

Walk The Line believes that fashion is a timeless exclusivity of those you make a difference while bravely chasing their own dreams.

Paola and Filippo passionately design and propose clothes to dress our personality, drawing their inspiration from retro style, where the past speaks of sartorial know-how dressing the elegance of being yourself every single day.

Paola selects fabrics among a range of prime quality and every single creation bears an unexpected detail, heritage of ancient craftsmanship, specifically designed by Paola for you.

Not just clothes, but dressing.
Not a store, but a workshop.
Not vintage, but retro.
Not just clients, but people.

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